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"i still think i am the greatest."

- Kanye West
Miami photographer High End Pro


The time is Now!

Separate yourself from the pack by investing in high caliber productions.

Advancing your career as a model or artist requires tactful ingenuity & dedication above all.

Staying focused on manifesting your reality is a daily task. One way you can fast-track your success is by working with teams that are aligned with your trajectory. We get it, the energy is everything. That's why you want to work with a team that understands and resonates with who you are as an artist.

Today’s the day we bring your skills to the world. If you’ve been priming for this moment, here it is. The right photoshoot or music video can truly set you apart from the competition. It's time to give the people what they want. They want you and you want them. Break free from obscurity and achieve the fame and fortune you were destined for. We’ll help you along the path with an incredible variety of first-class media & entertainment services.

All productions are carefully produced by Joe Dunia.




Bringing life into your art, one shot at a time.


There's a special relationship between photographers and musicians/models. All are a little electric, quite passionate, and very nurturing of each other's art. The relationship is mutually beneficial. Let us help build your career.

Miami photography High End Pro
music videos


Showcase your true artistry.


We have a full crew that handles your music video's pre-production, storyboarding, set and shooting, post-production, and editing. We have amazing directors, graphic designers, actors and actresses, dancers, and every imaginable artists to complete your project effectively.

Miami videographer High End Pro

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