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"Be a yardstick of quality. Some people aren't used to an environment where excellence is expected."

- Steve Jobs
Miami branding services High End Pro


Rise through the ranks and sit high above the competition.

What’s the most powerful way to build a brand? The power of storytelling wins every time. Painting a picture that your followers can stand behind is how you win their hearts and minds. Our photography professionals and videography professionals will help you tell an emotional story that fans connect with. This is media entertainment done right.

When it comes to branding, let us take the reins. We've mastered the art of clean, professional headshots, commercials, real estate, and product photography. The laser-like, precise attention to details helps your story rise above the competition.

At High End Pro, we take on an all-inclusive strategy. We like to cover all angles and leave nothing on the table. For enhancing brand awareness, capturing professional headshots, or sharing your products with the world, come collaborate with an attentive team of top producers and content creators.

Your story should be a fine-tuned piece artistry that inspires action. That’s exactly what we’ll help provide. Through a deep understanding of various industries, motivations, and branding philosophies, we are equipped with the technical facility and insight to deliver exquisite content.

All productions are carefully produced by Joe Dunia, with the help of directors, cameramen, editors, make up artists, set designers, and more.

headshots & ads

30 days


branding content

Photos and Videos of all kinds, enough for 30 days of posting or more.

60 days


branding content

Photos and Videos of all kinds, enough for 60 days of posting or more.

90 days


branding content

Photos and Videos of all kinds, enough for 90 days of posting or more.

individual SERVICES

Headshot Professional Miami High End Pro




A clean headshot conveys professionalism to potential clients, investors, and collaborators. It creates a familiar face, showing your true personality. Professional Headshots are great for LinkedIn, Facebook, website bios, business cards, and resumes.

Videographer Ad Commercial Miami High End Pro



Online video is now one of the most powerful tools to promote your brand. Let us connect your audience with your message.

real estate & product
Miami real estate photography High End Pro




We help real estate agents and brokers harness the power of visual marketing to win more listings, sell homes faster, attract better-quality leads, and grow their business.

Miami product photography High End Pro



We put the PRO in Product Photography. Our studio-quality provides a crisp, clean background or lifestyle photography that allows your customers to truly imagine themselves using your product.