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Why You Should Get Professional Headshot Photography

Updated: Mar 31, 2021

Headshot Photography Tips

Professional Headshots are great for social media, emails, websites, business cards, and much more. Why so great? Read below to get a new insight of the importance of a professional headshot along with examples of our work.


A clean headshot conveys professionalism. You might see people attempting to create professional headshots at home to lower cost, not considering it as an investment. This is your first impression, and you should look your best! Potential clients, investors, and collaborators that don’t know you personally will be more likely to agree to a first meeting. Having a professional photo as your profile photo on your email, social media, websites, business cards, resumes, etc will give you a greater chance of being accepted by other professionals. It shows that you care about your reputation in your industry and in life.

Personality & Familiar Face

A smile says you’re approachable, while a serious look shows determination. No matter the expression, a professional headshot hints your personality to prospects before they meet you. What to wear will also say a lot about your personality, consider it an accent to your facial expression.

Let’s admit it, we’ve all forgotten a face or a name before. With so many people we meet everyday, how do you get someone to remember you? A great headshot is a reminder of who you are and what to expect when meeting you. People will know who you are and will be more inclined to befriend you, leading to great outcomes for you and your business!

Update Your Headshot on Social Media

Already have a headshot? Make sure it’s not more than 2 years old. One of the worst things you can do is mislead people. A current headshot will give people an idea of what you look like NOW. Don’t “catfish” your clients, investors, collaborators, etc!

You will stand out from the crowd online, especially LinkedIn. A professional headshot enhances your skills and professionalism, making you look more serious about your work. This is an important tool to have; LinkedIn is the leading networking site for the corporate class.

Feel Good!

On top of everyone else loving the photo, you will start to feel better about yourself! A professional headshot gives a great first impression, but also motivates you to keep up expectations when meeting people. It can also give you confidence between your peers and colleagues, sharing more of yourself, taking a few more risks, and overcoming work-related challenges.

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