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Luxury Cocktail

Enjoy lavishness at our Luxury Cocktail event: fancy cocktails, elegant decor, and a classy vibe. An unforgettable night of grandeur awaits!

crown luxury experience

Our name interprets the quality of our work.

We offer high end event services: planning, design, media entertainment,

concierge, catering, and much more.

Now serving the Miami area, and available for travel. 

Get to know more about High End Pro and how you could use a Miami Event Planner, Miami DJ, Miami Photographer, and more!

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luxury EVENTS

Step into a realm of unrivaled extravagance with our bespoke luxury event services. From enchanting entertainment to flawless media coverage, exquisite catering to meticulous planning, and seamless transportation, we create extraordinary moments. Immerse yourself in a truly opulent experience where every detail surpasses your grandest expectations.


Unleash the power of corporate events with our exceptional services. From top-tier planning, captivating media, mesmerizing entertainment, to exquisite design, high end concierge, and alluring performances. Elevate your event to new heights with our unrivaled expertise in crafting timeless elegance and allure.

We're proud to sponsor
FX Summit 2023
Traders | Investors | Entrepreneurs

Although we do luxury events, High End Pro has handled all operations & coordination of this 3-day, 3000 people event

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How To DJ

(online course)


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